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Commercial export...which are the needed forms?

1) Commercial invoice (unauthorised by the IRS or authorised without VAT)

2) Packing List - Packing list.

3) Shipping bill, with the customer abroad as the recipient and the delivery destination.

4) A subscription to the export register is necessary.

5) A photocopy of both sides of the card that's given by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry where the subscription of the exporter to the Special Export Register is visible.
What do I have to know to trace my shipment?
The only thing you have to know to trace your shipment is the 12-digit shipping A.W.B number 12 ψήφιος that's printed in the middle section of the Voucher. barcode
How do I properly package my shipment?
The shipper has the diligence and responsibility of a safe and durable packaging for his/her items(see general terms). In order to protect the content of your shipment:

  • make sure that the packaging you'll be using ensures its wholeness.
  • wrap the fragile objects with protective materials(bubble wrap, styrofoam)
  • properly protect the sharp ones.
  • use the industrial packaging in case you want to ship Electronic devices.
  • - use unbreakable containers or the special wooden boxes, in case you want to ship liquids so that you avoid leakings. Use duct tape to seal your shipment.
  • protect any small items using paper, wrap the cds or dvds with protective materials or package them in their cases.
  • finally, write the adress and all the necessary information of the recipient with capital and legible letters.
  • are there any forbidden to be transported items?
    In short the forbidden to be transported items are:

  • Explosive matter
  • Flammable materials
  • Radioactive materials
  • Corrosive substances
  • Gases
  • Drugs
  • Poison
  • Antiquities
  • Works of art
  • Perishable, food
  • Dead or alive animals
  • Plants

  • In general we don't transport objects that, either on their own or because of the ir packaging are prone to self-destruction or destroying other objects, or objects the processing and transport of which isn't accepted by IATA. Note: In order to deterre the delivery for transport of the items mentioned above, the company is entitled, but not obliged, to check the item it undertakes to carry out, even open it. If the shipper, for any reason, delivers such an item for shipping, the moment the company realises its existence, it has the right to deal with the item at it considers appropriate, including the immediate termination of the transport, renouncing any further responsibility, whilst not refunding the taxes. The shipper is always the sole person responsible for any damages that might be caused to people or other items from a false statement of the content.
    How to calculate the cost of my shipping:
    For any questions, our call centre will calculate and clarify the costs and time of delivery, from 9:00 AM to 18:00 PM, Monday to Friday.
    What does volumetric weight charge mean?
    The charging of every shipment depends on the combination of size and weight(volumetric system of the International Aerial Transport Association -IATA- ). If the volumetric weight of the shipment outnumbers its real on(light parcels with large volume), then the charge is based on the volumetric weight. International volumetric weight can be calculated using the following equasion: Volumetric weight(in kilogramms)=(Length*Width*Height-in centimetres-)/5000 Alternatively, you can use the quick calculating machine, that you can find in the Apps section.
    shipping abroad
    The Premium,Standard services for shipping abroad bear the cost of fuel charge, which varies every month. Individuals don't bear the cost of VAT for shipping in countries outside the Euro pean Union. All other cases bear the cost of VAT, based on the customer's status. The delivery time for shipments abroad is typical and mostly refers to the capital and the big cities af the destination country.
    shipping abroad - Fuel charge
    It's the average monthly charge of fuel for airline use, according to the US Gulf Coast External Link / New Window (USGC) rate, as published by the Ministry of Energy of the U.S.A. Fuel charge varies monthly. Forthe month of March, fuel charge is defined to the following prices:
  • 4A Express Premium Saver Services: 6.5%
  • 4A Express Premium Envelope, 4A Express Premium Special Env & 4A Express Premium Parcel :14%
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