Will you be studying abroad?

New Beginning

In recent years, more and more students plan to study in universities abroad.For many,that means a new life in a new place.

Η 4A Express created a new transport product so that the pupil,student relocating in a foreign country can have a safe, affordable solution for the things that he/she would like to have with him/her, such as books, dvds,clothes, electronic equipment etc in a short timespan..

The transport process is door to door which means that 4A Express completely takes up the transport and the shipper simply communicates with us for the arrival time of our company's vehicle.

The delivery process in the destination country is the same. You'll have a clue about the delivery time beforehand as well as all the information concering our offices in each destination country.


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Check out the following list of forbidden objects

  • Explosive matter, Flammable materials, Radioactive materials, Corrosive substan
  • Compressed gas, Drugs, Poison, Antiquities
  • Iconographies, Works of art, Antiques, Perishable food, Dead or alive animals
  • Plants, Pornography, Blood, Human remains, Biological samples
  • Fur, Cigarettes and tobacco products, Precious metals in any form, Precious stones in any form
  • Medicine, Mercury thermometres, Dry ice
  • Activated credit cards, Guns
  • Currency, Passports, Magnets, Airbags etc.

Want to learn more?

GREECE (+30) 210 99 66 661

CYPRUS (+357) 22 95 33 11

Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες ζητήστε να σας επισκεφτεί Συνεργάτης της Εταιρείας μας, ώστε να βρείτε μαζί το οικονομικό πακέτο που ταιριάζει σε εσάς .

  • Κατερίνα
    "Before placing my order, I passed by their offices. I understood right away that i was dealing with professinals. The delivery was perfect. The impressive part was when some papers I had forgotten, in all this madness, needed to be sent from my house in Larnaka, they arrived at my new apartment in Ampelokipous, Athens the next day"
    (Ethniko Metsovio Politechnio)
  • Αναστάσιος
    "Thanks for everything.Their politeness won me over. Well done!"  
    Univercity Of Amsterdam
  • Γιώργος
    "Excellent professionals. I highly recommend them!"
    Kingston University
  • Ελένη
    "Working with 4A Express was immaculate! Everything happened right on time and exactly as we had agreed. Very direct and helpful! Everything arrived without a scratch"
    London School of Economics